The services that I provide focus on the data center. I advise mainly data center providers and users, their suppliers, and companies who have to manage complex ICT solutions. I have a length and breadth of experience – as a customer, consultant, in sales, as a juror, and as an auditor – and this underpins the services I offer. find the following things key when working with customers:

    • Communication – so that you and everyone involved is aiming for the same goals
    • Analysis – so that you make the kind of impact that moves you forward
    • A methodical approach – so that you can track your development and see how you get results
    • A network of partners – so that you get the service provider that’s right for you
    • Sustainability – so that you can push on with your company’s environmental, economic, and social goals
    • Service – so that you have the right partner even in a long-term partnership

My Services and Blog


I see consulting as a service with a great many facets. Depending on the particular assignment, the consultant can adopt a variety of roles depending on the task in hand. These can include the roles of process consultant, expert adviser, moderator, coach, strategy consultant, management consultant, or expert. When I advise customers, I find it key to clarify in advance which of these roles will help us achieve our objective. My consulting services are based on neutrality, objectivity, confidentiality, adherence to standards, process-oriented thinking and action, professional skill, and quality. If required for certain services, I also draw on the skills of my network of experts.

Business Development

I see business development as the task of systematically developing existing business segments and opening up new ones. In essence, it about identifying both market and marketing opportunities, analyzing customers and competitors, and developing specific business models and implementation strategies. Business development cannot be reduced to the mere application of standard methods: it requires creativity, a breadth of experience, extensive market information, and the consideration of other perspectives. The inclusion of an outside party is ideal for widening the internal angle of vision.

Sales- and Marketing Services

The task in hand is essentially that of marketing a service – a product, a solution, or a concept. For me, sales and marketing means recognizing the requirements and needs of my customers to deliver the outcome that supports them in achieving their aims. I am a firm believer in relationship marketing in the data center business and invite you to take advantage of my expertise in networking. Successful projects require sales and marketing initiatives – both internally and externally!


On my blog pages, I’ll keep you up to date with my latest activities as well as events, competitions within the IT industry, as far as relevant to my eyes.

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