Customer Testimonials

Telehouse Deutschland GmbH, Dr. Béla Waldhauser, CEO

Monika Grass is one of the most active representatives (I cannot think of a better word) in the German data center sector. Along with her varied consulting work, she is the founder of ecoTrialog , has been on the jury for a range of data center awards and has been involved in all major data center events in Germany. The DCIM White Paper published by her in 2014 has met with a great response throughout Germany. Her great expertise, combined with an unparalleled network of partners, make Monika a valuable asset in this vibrant industry.

ACO Rechenzentrum mit professionellen Colocation-Flächen, Michael Käcker, Head

Anyone meeting Monika Grass for the first time will immediately be struck by her open and communicative approach, which makes her very likeable. On meeting again, they will recognize the extent of her professional expertise, drawing on, among other things, a huge network of business partners. Each meeting thereafter will be one of collaborating with an experienced, reliable, and professional business partner. In my job as head of the ACO Data Center, these are all attributes I value highly.

DÜRR\RZ, IT-Räume und Rechenzentren, Bernd Dürr

From the outset, our partnership with Monika Grass was one of great friendliness and deep appreciation, with each complementing the other perfectly. With her energetic, open, communicative and confidence-inspiring approach, she single-mindedly homes in from the outset on the tasks to be accomplished and achieves this aim with flying colors. Her excellent specialist skills, her profound knowledge of the data center market in Germany, Europe, and the world, as well as her extensive network of contacts in the industry and beyond are invaluable. In both personal and professional terms, she has enriched my life immensely and I am grateful to have found my way both to and with her. I very much hope that we will continue to work together for a long time to come and will enjoy many more moments of happiness and many more successes.

arvato Systems GmbH, Jesko Jacobs, Senior Manager Data Center

Ms. Graß advised us on all aspects of the Data Center. Alongside her excellent expertise and knowledge of the current market, we also appreciate her unconventional approach to collaboration. With a cooperative, very professional and solution-oriented approach, she is able to win people over and steer projects in the right direction. That’s how we developed a long-term, reliable partnership.

Notstromtechnik-Clasen GmbH, Klaus Clasen, Managing Director

When outstanding specialist skills, knowledge of the current data center market, and many years of experience coincide, and when open communication and directness combine with near-unstoppable energy, then we are talking about Monika Grass. As managing director of Notstromtechnik-Clasen GmbH, I greatly value her work. Together with Monika Grass, we have we have successfully realized many events in recent years. She has also actively supported us in creating a network of business partnerships from which are still benefiting today.

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